Washington D.C. Firewood

Commercial Firewood

We have a consistent supply of clean-burning, well-seasoned firewood and are capable of filling large weekly, monthly or even yearly orders.  For a quote to supply your restaurant, hotel or other type of business with firewood, please fill out our order form and describe your inquiry in the “Other Specifications” section.  We can also be reached by phone or email, to do so please visit our Contact Page.


Dan Satalia



We coordinate your order to our local dealers to insure a timely delivery. We strive to keep your costs as low as possible by planning the most efficient routes. We manage the entire process with precision. At The Washington D.C. Firewood  Company we promise a hassle-free experience.

Call today for a free rate quote!

The Washington D.C. Firewood Company offers consistently reliable customer service and one of the area's best on-time records.

Our drivers undergo thorough background checks.

The Washington D.C. Firewood Company
(814) 883-9444
  1238 S. Pugh St.
State College, PA 16801

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